Moza R9 Wheelbase

$ 439.00


  1. 9 Nm of Torque
  2. Unmatched quality and durability.
  3. The temperature control strategy uses built-in temperature sensors, to ensure stable operation and endurance during a competition. 
  4. Wirelessly transmit data and power between the steering wheel and the base.
  5. No matter how complex the force feedback calculations get. The unique Quad CPUs can reliably process the task at maximum precision.
  6. The settings of the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals, etc. can be modified through the MOZA APP. Settings can be imported with one click onto new simulators.
  7. The R9 V2 can be connected to all of MOZA Racing’s hardware.
  8. Fully compatible with all RSeat cockpits.
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    MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase features 9 Nm exceptional torque and professional servo direct drive, which could meet the gaming and training needs of most racers and offer realistic racing experience both on the road and in the car. The R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase also features an intelligent motor temperature control system for monitoring the temperature of the motor and electronic components in real-time to ensure the stable operation in endurance competition through temperature control strategies.Designed with an aviation-grade aluminum alloy body and armed with zero latency wireless technology, the R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase is lightweight, durable, and stable.

    Weight7 kg


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