Moza FSR Steering Wheel

$ 649.00


  1. Perforated Leather, Housing Material in aluminium
  2. 5mm Thick Twill Carbon Fiber & Shifter Paddle .
  3. 280mm Wheel. Grab ahold of the FSR wheel and have a real racing experience.
  4. Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles The contactless photoelectric technology makes the paddles extremely reliable. Efficiently perform a dual clutch start in iRacing and F1 races. Avoid powertrain damage caused by shifting errors.
  5. Customized Quick Release Switch the FSR wheel in split seconds. The FSR wheel uses a quick-release system derived from the steering wheel systems of real race cars. Ensuring a stable connection between the wheel and the wheel base.
  6. 10 Luminous Programmable Mechanical Keys
  7. Ergonomical Design
  8. RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator. The sequential shifter has 7 adjustable colors. Drivers can customize the speed, the colors, and more.
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    The MOZA FSR wheel is a 280 mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion and ultimate racing experience. A 4.3-inch built-in digital dash with 800*480 resolution display all the essential info racers need to know in the heat of competition. Inspired by real racing cars, our redesigned interface adopts a new, flat style, with 15 different configurations possible, so drivers can get the essential information when they need it most: speed, RPM, gears, tire temperatures, relative times, current or fastest lap times, fuel, ERS levels, vehicle status, damage, DRS and much more.

    Weight3.5 kg


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