Moza R5 Wheelbase

$ 319.00


  1. Crankcase Material : Aluminium
  2. Cooling Type : Passive
  3. Applicable Platform : PC (Windows)
  4. Driving Type: Direct Drive
  5. Maximum Steering Angle : Unlimited
  6. Maximum Torque : 5.5 Nm
  7. Maximum Power : 95W
  8. Input Voltage : 110V~220V AC – 12V DC
  9. USB Refresh Rate : 1000Hz
  10. Quick Release : D1 Compatible
  11. Connection Port : Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Display Screen
  12. Mounting : 4 holes on the bottom (RSeat compatible); exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
  13. Size : 156.8mm x 73.9mm x 124mm (L x W x H).
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    Begin your journey into the Sim Racing world with MOZA R5. With a peak torque of 5.5 N·m, this entry-level wheelbase delivers great force feedback introducing you to realistic racing experiences. Crafted with aeroplane-grade aluminum, for superior durability, it’s also powered by an ultra-high power density servo motor, for precise and responsive movements. Take full control with the MOZA Pit House Control Software and APP Cloud Control. Enjoy compatibility with all MOZA V2 wheels, expanding your options.

    Weight6 kg


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